Premium Online Coaching

Look, I get it. We're all busy. Between work, kids, school, church, friends, family...who has time for anything else?? And that's the beautiful thing about online coaching. It provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility and independence. Sure, I will be the one adding workouts to your calendar, but at the end of the day YOU are in control of your schedule. You can choose to workout whenever and wherever you like.

Program Options

All of your options include customized workouts based on your current fitness level and specific goals, macronutrient intake recommendations, personalized meal suggestions, unlimited access to the Trainerize app, progress tracking, weekly motivation, accountability calls, and limited email support (1x per week). Your plan will be updated as you grow and progress. Great for fat loss, muscle building, race prep and more!

Online Coaching Programs

Concierge Personal Training (Richmond only)

60-minute session
$100 per session, 3 x week or more
$105 per session, 2 x week
$110 per session, 1 x week or less

Free Fitness Consultation

Before creating any sort of program, I will need to develop your unique in depth physical profile. We do this by meeting to discuss your goals and true motivations. By combining specific measurements and our knowledge of exercise physiology, I will create both quantitative and qualitative personalized goals that are specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Measurements include:

  • Detailed exercise and medical history
  • Body fat measurement
  • Circumference measurement
  • Height/Weight

Based on your physical profile, I will then develop a progression that will prevent you from reaching those annoying plateaus, change up your routines so that you stay interested, and provide you with detailed workouts you can perform when you are not meeting with me.

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